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Electronic Health Records in HIV Screening and Prevention
Hospitals, clinics, and researchers are investigating how electronic health records and personal health records, portals that give patients access to records and health education, can be used to improve HIV screening and outcomes. More »
Telemedicine: How It Can Work for Your Medical Practice
Telemedicine is rapidly gaining acceptance. Here's how to get paid for using telehealth services and how to determine if it is a good fit for your office. More »
Electronic Health Records and Patient Privacy—An Oxymoron?
Clinicians tell patients that we will keep their information private and then turn around and put it into an electronic health record that can do just the opposite. . . . Putting confidential information into an electronic health record can be like putting it up on a billboard. More »
HIPAA Compliance: Access to Practice Staff Medical Records
Make sure your practice complies with HIPAA when staff and physicians want to view their own medical records. More »
How to Ensure a Successful EHR Implementation at Your Medical Practice
Are you ready to make the EHR leap? Training is crucial, but planning comes first. More »
Managing Patient Expectations: Providing Portable Medical Records
It’s time for most providers to embrace technology that will provide a fuller health picture for referred patients that will improve quality of care while reducing costs. More »
Podcast: Protecting Patient Privacy in the Age of Electronic Records
Dr. Eric M. Liederman, director of medical informatics for The Permanente Medical Group, discusses the move to electronic records and what drives privacy violations by practice staff. More »
In EHR Era, Medical Practices Still Drowning in Paper Records
When it comes to efficiency, if an EHR is a modern refrigerator / freezer, then paper records are akin to keeping a box filled with a big block of ice to keep foods fresh. More »
The Wonders - And Frustrations - of Electronic Medical Records
Our hospital is installing an electronic medical record system (EMR). It has added a minimum of 15 minutes to the time it takes to process each patient, without a perceptible increase in quality of care. And trying to make sense of meaingful use? It's like "Catch 22." More »
Seven Legal Errors Practices Make When Handling Medical Records
Releasing medical records to patients: Fact vs. Fiction More »
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Proposed "meaningful use" rules just the tip of the iceberg in new federal healthcare IT actions
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Hospitals, Vendors--Not Uncle Sam--Will Drive EHR Adoption
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Are Healthcare IT Grants Worth the Hassle?
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